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April, 2024

The 2024 session of the Vermont Legislature is in full swing.  APTA VT focused our efforts this session on two bills – H. 766, An act relating to prior authorization and step therapy requirements, health insurance claims, and provider contracts and S. 151, An act relating to pay parity and transparency in health care.

APTA VT supported H. 766 as a means to reduce administrative burden on all health care providers, but particularly physical therapists.  The bill had strong support, but was also met with great opposition from health insurers.  After passing the House, a Senate amendment limited the PA relief to primary care providers, which sends the bill back to the House.  This is a good step for the state of Vermont, we must continue the fight to get PA relief for physical therapists.

S. 151 was not greeted with as much success as H. 766.  While there was some recognition of the payment challenges faced by PTs, not enough to move the needle on legislation.  The bill failed at the Crossover deadline.

APTA VT is committed to relief in both of these areas.  In support of this agenda, we are looking to plan practice visits with state legislators visiting member practices across Vermont this fall.  Stay tuned for details.


June 2023

Vermont Approves Interstate PT Compact

On June 1st, Governor Phil Scott signed H.77, An act relating to Vermont’s adoption of the Physical Therapy Licensure Compact, into law, becoming the 34th state to approve the agreement.  The law is slated to take effect on July 1, 2024. The process to begin issuing and accepting privileges usually takes 8 – 12 months.

For the actual bill language, click here (

The top legislative priority of the APTA VT this session, the PT Compact will allow Vermont licensed PTs to enjoy much more flexibility to practice in other Compact states, most notably New Hampshire.  Connecticut also passed the PT Compact through its legislature and is awaiting the Governor’s signature. For more information on which states are in the Compact, click here (

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